Suzanne Ciani & Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Sunergy

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One of the coolest things that can happen is discovering a collaboration between two musicians you already love. This was the case for the collaborative album titled "Sunergy" by  Suzanne Ciani & Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.

Ciani started working with Synthesizers in the 70's, creating numerous songs and sound effects, many for commercials and advertising. Here she is in 1980, on the classic science program "3-2-1 Contact" explaining how sound and synthesizers work:

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is of a different generation then Ciani, which is one thing I find so compelling and delightful about their collaboration. "Sunergy" is one in a series of albums by label RVNG called FRKWYS, which pairs pioneers of a field with emerging artists of the same form.  

Both women have a love for composing music using the Buchla synthesizer, a powerful and complex machine.


In this fantastic documentary/extended music video, we have the privilege of watching two experts of synthesis play with sound in a way that feels to me like a fusion of freedom and mastery.