Sculpture Tips: Resource Roundup!

As I've been getting more and more into sculpting, I've turned to the internet to to get me learned on a variety of techniques and methods, and I've found a couple of excellent resources I wanted to share.

First is a YouTube channel known as Punished Props. Punished Props is run by a husband and wife team of prop/costumer makers working out of Seattle. While costuming/prop-making isn't my primary focus, the amount of shop technique and process these folks document is amazing. 

From mold-making to foam-shaping and finishing techniques, I've absorbed a ton of knowledge from these generous folks. Check out their sweet intro video here:

Next up is the YouTube channel Tested, created by Adam Savage of MythBusters fame. A subsection of Tested content focuses on Adam's own shop and a variety of amazing projects executed in it. His creations also run the gamut, from props to costumes, and the overall technique documented is so rich. He's also a charmingly enthusiastic human, which is inspiring in it's own right:

Look for videos in the "Inside Adam's Cave" section. It's super cool to see creators sharing their years of experience so freely. Keep up the good work ya'll!

Lastly, if you're have a tool fetish like me, you'll want to check out Micro-Mark, who has a plethora of small tools, anything from mini power-tools to 3D printing rigs. I sense the presence of a wallet-vacuum! 

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