Haruomi Hosono Pt. 2 - Watering a Flower

This morning I was delighted to find this strange and lovely album by Japanese composer/producer/synthesist and all around musical wizard Haruomi Hosono.

Fun Fact: The name "Muji" translates to "No-Brand".

Fun Fact: The name "Muji" translates to "No-Brand".

The album was commissioned in 1984 by one of my favorite brands, Muji, and was designed to be the background music for their stores. 

I've long been fascinated with the idea of music designed to define  public spaces, and this album follows nicely in the footsteps of Brian Eno's "Music for Airports". Eno's 1978 album of ambient music was created for the purpose of soothing the frenetic and stressful atmosphere that typifies an airport:

I'd write more on the subject, but I'd be hard-pressed to do as good a job as excellent blog "The Globule" has done in exploring the unique partnership between Hosono and Muji. Read more here: 

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