Haruomi Hosono - Sports Men

Haruomi Hosono is an insanely prolific musician and a member of the legendary group of Japanese electronic music pioneers known as Yello Magic Orchestra. This song encapsulated the sense of fun Hosono brings to a lot of his work. I enjoy the humor and lightness. His albums from the 70's are far less synthy, and come across a bit like a Japanese Leon Redbone and I find them equally charming.

Gotta love the lazy vibe of "Hurricane Dorothy", off his 1975 album "Tropical Dandy", which is also one the greatest album titles I've ever heard:

The album "Philharmony" which features the song "Sports Men" came out in 1982, at a time when Japan was cranking out a glut of music I now find myself obsessed with. When I listen to albums from that era, I sometimes find it hard to differentiate between the musicians and albums, as much of the work takes on a cohesive, self-referencing vibe, which I love. 

The sound is one that speaks of a time of creative outpouring, collaboration and experimentation. A TIME OF UNIMAGINABLE CREATIVE FECUNDITY!!!

Stay tuned for more excellent Japanese music from the 80's because I'm listening to a ton of it.